ADHD Is Kicking My @ss Today

My Fears On My Son's ADHD Medication Today began with karate class at 9:45 am. 45 minutes of exercise and all kinds of new moves for my son to learn and be challenged by. And he did amazing! He was not on his medication during class, yet he still had an amazing time! I was... Continue Reading →

My Feelings Spelled Out in Titles of Books

When Reason Breaks All The Bright Places And When Elephants Fly, You know you'll get better But the villagers are Holding a meeting on How To Hang a Witch; So they hold your trial In The Court of Shadows And they judge you, "Girl In Pieces".

“One More Night Until Goodbye”

I’ve scandalized you. Not once deserved any kind thing from you. I can’t look up from this ground I stand on, Could you keep me here for a while longer, Until the coldness abates? Can you hold me one more time Until someone comes to stay? Within a breadth of flame, I extinguished everything we’ve... Continue Reading →

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